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Required documents for Moldova Invitation Letter

  1. Passport (a copy of the main pages) — Passport should extend at least for six months after the validity of requested document.
  1. Copies of Schengen visas, Ukrainian, Russian, Moldavian visas (if you have any of them in your passport)
  1. A copy of a resident permit for other countries (if you have)
  1. Bank Statement Certificate (30 euro per day and the price of a return ticket). The Certificate is VALID 10 DAYS ONLY!!!
  1. Certain dates of arrival and departure
  1. Country and City of departure
  1. Full name of the FATHER

 !!! The process takes 15 business days !!!

  1. The price is 120 euro per 1 person / 100 euro per 1 person in a group from 5 people.

   Children till 12 y.o. — 60 euro per person.



E-visa is paid for after receiving an Invitation letter.

Required documents:

The list of questions for the application form will be send to your via e-mail.

MEDICAL Insurance (30000 euro)

Your latest photo

!!! The process takes 10 days. Sometimes they can ask for some more documents.

If you use our service to apply for the Invitation Letter, the e-visa price will be 80 euro.



Visa for Chinese citizens





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