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Tour — Pushkin trail


Program: * Chisinau-Cricova- village Dolna -Milestii Mici – Orheiul Vechi


3 days / 2 nights (daily)


We present to you a tour in Moldova — a small, but very cozy country located between Romania and Ukraine, the edge of the sun and of the heat, with orchards and vineyards! Chisinau is its capital — white stone city on seven hills, connected by modern grate viaducts; Located along the tributary of the river Nistru called Bic. During this trip to Moldova you will see: wonderful park «Dolina Roz»; the ancient city — Orhei — cave monastery, the ruins of the Dacian fortress, settlement of the Golden Horde; Holy Gate (Arcul de Triumf), the Organ Hall; an authentic 19th-century house, where Pushkin spent his expel and, where he wrote some of his most famous works; old streets, broad boulevards, tree-lined avenues and white stone buildings of the Chisinau city; local restaurants with national cuisine, underground wine store with wines degustation and traditional Moldovan hospitality.                                                            


DAY 1.

Arrival in Chisinau. Meeting of tourists at the railway / train station or airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.

      City tour. For more than 500 years on the river Bic is situated this beautiful city — Chisinau, the central part of which keeps a whole story. During this tour, you will visit the place where the town began. You will visit the area of the National Assembly — preserved for all time of the existence of the city as the center of the city, walk through the park of catholicity, as well as visit the Cathedral, built in the early 19th century. Hallmark of Chisinau is also the Arc of Triumph, located on the central square, diagonally across from it stands the monument of the outstanding Moldovan domnitor Stefan cel Mare. In the park of Stefan cel Mare you will see the Alley of classics writers, where are the busts of personalities of the Moldovan culture. The first creation of sculptures in the alley is the monument of AS Pushkin installed at the expense of the inhabitants of the city in the 19th century

 Visit the house-museum of AS Pushkin in Chisinau. This authentic house has been preserved from 20-ies of the nineteenth century, in which the poet lived and wrote his first compositions Basarabian poems. It was here that he began the creation of the novel in verse «Eugene Oneghin». It is here that Pushkin fell in love with the gypsy girl Zemfira, to who he dedicated some of his poems.

This day we recommend a tour and degustation at the winery «CRICOVA», which is considered the pearl of Moldovan winemaking. In the famous Cricova lime edits, under careful custody of wine stored and maintained most excellent Moldovan wines. White — subtle, delicate and tender, red subtly tart, fragrant, a little effervescent. Moreover, all are very tasty and quite peculiar.

Visit Cricova degustation rooms — is not only a unique pleasure of Cricova underground aura, but also a trip to the wine country.

Free time.


DAY 2.

         Breakfast at the hotel.

        Excursion to the oldest monastery of Moldova — Capriana. The monastery is located in the lovely valley, surrounded on three sides by wooded hills. In the park of the monastery you can walk along beautiful avenue of chestnut trees and Lombardy poplars, and also you will be surprised by the wonderful harmony of churches: Assumption (16c.), The Church of St. Nicholas (19th century.) And the church of St. George (beginning. 20 cent.). You will also see: the abbot house (built in 1826), pavilions and artesian springs, decorated in traditional style, cells, workshops, ancient monastery cemetery. You will learn about the Moldavian “gospodari”, who have made a considerable contribution to the development of the Moldovan state, and left us a vivid example of the relationship of the past with the present.

Excursion to the Nisporeni Forest. In the village Dolna, where is located the mansion of the Ralli-Arbore, which was frequently visited by poet. Here, from the hill is a beautiful view of the village, immersed in greenery and quiet of the ancient Codri. Equipped trail leads to the «Spring Zamfir.» It is said that beauty Zamfira inspired Pushkin to write his immortal poems in the most fruitful period of his life.

We offer you a tour and degustation in the basement of «Milestii Mici» — the old store of «divine drink». Galleries of Milestii Mici have a length of 200 km, and entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest wine collection from Europe. Countless numbers of people at one time cut the soil by hand, and later thanks to this technology, limestone, of which is built Chisinau. Later this voids that were left over from cutting stone, began to be used as wine cellars. You have the opportunity to visit them. You will walk in the streets of wine cellars, you walk along the streets: Cabernet, Aligote, Feteasca etc. You will be surround: by monolithic limestone walls, huge oak butts, exuding a wonderful fragrance of wine, vintage lamps and natural springs in stone. The quality of wine you can appreciate in the degustation rooms. During the degustation you will be observed all the main rules: from white to red, from dry to strong, from the young to the old. The tasting will be accompanied by a hearty dinner (appetizers, vegetables, hot dish). 

Return to Chisinau. Free time.


DAY 3.

Breakfast at the hotel. Liberation of rooms.

Visiting the monastery Curchi, one of the most beautiful in Moldova.

Excursion to the «Orheiul Vechi». In the Orheiul Vechi were found traces of different civilizations. Here you will see the ruins of the Dacian fortress from 6-1 centuries before Hr. (Dacians — the ancestors of the indigenous people of Moldova), the settlement of the Golden Horde (14th c.), Orthodox rock monasteries and Moldavian town Orhei. You will visit the museum complex in the open air, the archaeological museum, rock monastery and Turkish baths. These ancient buildings tell you the long history of Moldova and will tell about the people whose names remain in our memories.

 Lunch in national style in a rural guesthouse. You will visit the Moldovan Casa Mare (the festive room in a traditional Moldovan house), where will be served a dinner table of Moldovan dishes with a good housemade wine.

Transfer to the airport or train / station. Departure.


Cost for 1 person:


2 pers.

 3  pers.

 4  pers.

5  pers.

6  pers.

7  pers.

 8  pers.

9 pers.

10 pers.






















The price includes:

  • Excursion program 3 days / 2 nights
  • transfers according the tour program
  • Lunch in the Orheiuol Vechi
  • Car / minivan with a driver during the excursions
  • Services of English speaking guide
  • Excursion + wine tasting- 3 types of wine at the winery Milestii Mici


Additional charges:

  • Excursion + wine tasting- 4 types of wine at the winery Cricova — 25 eur
  • Transport when ordering additional tours on request.
  • Accommodation according tour program: 2 nights at the selected hotel in Chisinau




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