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Excursion program of Reception in Moldova


10 days / 9 nights


Day 1

Meeting of the group. Accommodation at the hotel. Leisure time.


City tour: the National Assembly Square, the Cathedral park and the Cathedral, the Triumphal Arch, the City park named after Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare), Stephen the Great Monument, the Alley of Classics, Alexander S. Pushkin Monument. Visiting the Alexander S. Pushkin Museum in Chisinau.


Lunch at the “La Taifas” Restaurant according to the menu. Leisure time.

Day 2


10.00 Excursion to one of the plants of the “Franzeluta” Factory, which produces bread, pastry  and pasta.

12.00 Excursion to the brands store of Moldova, where you can see all the brands existing on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

14.00 Lunch in a city restaurant.

15.00 Excursion to the oldest Monastery of Moldova – Capriana. During this excursion, you can see 3 churches from different periods of construction, different styles and influences of the time.

17.00 Excursion, degustation and lunch in the wine cellars “Milestii Mici”, where you can see long underground corridors, that are used for the aging of quality wines in oak barrels, a large collection, where Moldovan wines are aged in glass bottles, and also degustation rooms, where are held the degustations of the obtained beverages.

20.00 Return to Chisinau

Leisure time. Lodging for the night.


Day 3


09.00 Departure from Chisinau to the “Old Orhei”.

10.00 A bus excursion to the Museum Complex “Old Orhei”: visiting of the place, where had been 3 fortresses, first was built during the Geto-Dacian period, the second relates to the period of the Golden Horde, the third – to the period of the reign of Stephen the Great. Also, you will see the astrological calendar of the ancient inhabitants of Moldova – the Geto- Dacians, the Museum of Archaeological Findings, a typical Moldovian house with “Casa Mare”, the rock Monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God, and also the remains of the Turkish baths of the XV century.

13.00 Lunch in a national style in a rural guesthouse in the village of Trebujeni. Here you will be offered national dishes: zeama (chicken soup with homemade noodles), mamaliga (polenta) with steak, cheese and homemade sour cream, “placinte” – homemade pies stuffed with potatoes, with cheese with dill, or with cabbage) and homemade wine.


 15.00 Excursion with degustation in the wine cellars of the Branesti village. This wine factory was opened a little over 10 years ago in some empty corridors remained from the stone quarry and also like the world known “Cricova” and “Milestii Mici”, ages wines underground.

17.00 Departure to Chisinau.

18.00 Dinner in a city restaurant according to the menu.


Day 4


09.00 Departure from Chisinau city to the town of Orhei.

10.00 Arrival at the Curchi village. Visting of the Monastery complex, which was founded based on legends, where you can see the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin that has an architecture very similar to St. Andrew’s Church, located in Kiev. Thanks to this fact there is an assumption that its architect is Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

12.00 Tour of the cannery “Orhei-vit”. This cannery produces juices, jams, baby food and other can products from Moldovian fruits and vegetables since 1945. During the tour you will be able to see the secondary process of conservation.

14.00 Visiting of the Braviceni village, where a private entrepreneur produces Mozzarella cheese from Moldovian products. Degustation of cheese products.

15.00 Lunch in the guest yard of Braviceni village.

17.00 Excursion with degustation in the tourist complex “Chateau Vartely”. The company IM «Chateau Vartely» Ltd. is a producer of quality varietal wines from the finest European grape varieties, grown in the central and southern parts of the country.

19.00 Departure to Chisinau

20.00 Dinner in a city restaurant according to the menu.



Day 5

Early breakfast at the hotel

08.00 Departure to Soroca

10.30 Arrival in Soroca, climbing to and visiting of the Thanksgiving candles on the Bekirov Mountain. There is a monument to all the soldiers who took part at the liberation of the Moldavian principality and of the state.

12.00 Excursion to the Soroca fortress – initially there was a wood fortress, built by Genoeses, after, thanks to Moldovian ruler Petru Rares there was built a rock fortification, the one you can see in present days. The history of this fortress is connected with the name of Petr 1 (Russian Tsar), whose right arm was the Moldovian writer, illuminator and diplomat Dimitrie Cantemir.

14.00 Lunch at a Soroca restaurant.

15.30 Visiting of the dairy plant “Alba”. Here you can see the production of sour cream, kefir, the pasteurization of milk and the production of cheese products.

17.00 Departure to Chisinau.

19.00 Return to Chisinau. Dinner in a city restaurant.


Day 6

Breakfast at the hotel

09.00 Departure to Ungheni.

11.00 Visiting of the Ungheni weaving carpets plant, famous throughout the former Soviet space. Here you can see how to prepare a fur thread and how the automated machine from a million of threads makes a million of knots per minute.

13.00 Visiting of the ceramics factory, where you can see how on the potter’s wheel you can create vases, ornamental flowerpot and souvenirs.

14.00 Lunch in a city restaurant.

15.00 Bus excursion to Ungheni – border town on the Prut River, where are preserved the remains of the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture. The main attractions of this town are: the Museum of Ethnography, the Church from 19th century, built by A.I.Bernardazzi, the railway bridge between Moldova and Romania, which was built by the famous Eiffel. Also you can take a walk along the longest chestnut avenue in Moldova, watching the intricate sculptures, that appear in the town thanks to local masters.

19.00 Return to Chisinau.


Day 7

Breakfast at the hotel.

09.00 Departure from Chisinau.

11.00 Visiting of the Medieval fortress in the town of Bender. Built as early as 16th century by Turks, it is studied only for the last 4 years. But even for this short period it acquired already a large number of monuments and the citadel was restored practically by 70%, and also here were opened 2 museums already.

13.00 Lunch in a city restaurant.

14.00 Excursion to the Bottle Museum, where in 1988 a collector gathered about 20000 bottles from spirits from 120 countries of the world.

16.00 Excursion to the shoe factory “Tighina” in the town of Bender.

18.00 Departure to Chisinau.


Day 8

09.00 Breakfast at the hotel

10.00 Excursion with degustation and lunch in the wineries of Cricova. In 2012 this wine enterprise celebrated its 60-year anniversary. From 1952 here started to age quality wines in wine cellars, that remained after extracting stone for building the city of Chisinau and other neighborhoods.

Today, they produce sparkling wines as well, these kinds of wines being named by France “Champagne”. In the tasting rooms of wine cellars you will be able to taste Cricova’s production, and in the underground restaurant you can have a wonderful meal.

13.00 Return to Chisinau. Leisure time.



Day 9

Free day for shopping souvenirs.



Day 10

Bidding farewell.


The cost of the program for 1 person in US Dollars for 10 days/9 nights:

Tour price upon request !

The cost includes:

  • Ground transportation (on Moldova’s territory), service according to the program.
  • Touring service under the program.
  • Admission tickets to museums.
  • Degustations in wine cellars.
  • Meals according to the program.


The cost does not include:

— Hotel accommodation >>>



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