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Capriana monastery

This monastery has been under the protection of an important number of Moldavian rulers: Alexander the Kind, Stephen the Great and Saint, Petru Rares and Alexander Lapusneanu. Capriana Monastery is situated not far from the Straseni town and represents the architectural ensemble, which includes the Church of Virgin‘s Assumption (1545), Churches of Saint Nicholas (1840) and Saint George (1903). The most ancient is Virgin’s Assumption Church was founded by Petru Rares in 1545. It has a triconchal lay-out. After the reconstruction by Metropolitan Gavriil Banulescu- Bodoni in 1820, it kept unchanged only the decorative apses with arcature. In the course of construction, a bell-house with a pyramidal roof and an octagonal dome with a bulbous turret over the naos were built. The most magnificent is the Saint George Church, was built in the style of late Baroque in 1840.

          The winter church of Saint Nicholas has the same traditional architecture like other medieval Moldavian structures. The tomb of metropolitan Gavriil Banulescu-Bodoni is situated on the territory of monastery. Metropolitan Gavriil Banulescu-Bodoni, a prominent figure of our culture and Orthodoxy, was at the head of the Church since the occupation of Bessarabia and its annexation to Russian Empire, during the years 1813-1821. Not far from the monastery, in the forest, there is an oak, which is called by the local villagers as the Oak of Stephen the Great and Saint. In the shade of that oak Stephen the Great and Saint took a rest after one of the battles. Capriana is a true monument to the faith. Its walls keep the distant legends about the creation of monastery and a whole historical epoch of the evolution of Moldavian people…

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